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# footswitch-rs
This repository contains a C to Rust translation of the GitHub repository [rgerganov/footswitch]( Although I use footswitch-rs myself to manage my footswitch, the main purpose of its development was to practice Rust. Since I do not possess Apple hardware, I did not test this application on MacOS (unlike [rgerganov]( did with the original footswitch). However, with some modifications, footswitch-rs should run on MacOS as well.
This utility supports [PCSensor]( foot switches with the following `vendorId:productId` combinations:
* `0c45:7403`
* `0c45:7404`
* `413d:2107`
footswitch-rs can also be used together with [VIM Clutch](
## Installation
First, make sure that Rust is installed on your computer.
curl -sSf | sh
Then, clone this repository and use cargo to build it:
git clone
cd footswitch-rs
cargo build --release
Optionally, install the application using:
cargo install
## Usage
Information about the usage (of a subcommand) can be found by running:
footswitch-rs <subcommand> --help
or [on the utilities wiki page](
## Hardware issues
Several people have reported misbehaviors with the PCsensor footswitch due to hardware issues. If the pedal is continuously sending a keypress without being pressed, then most probably some of the elements do not make good contact with the PCB. Follow [the instructions that were posted on original footswitch repository]( to verify and and fix this.