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* [Introduction](#introduction)
* [Reading from the foot pedal](#reading-from-the-foot-pedal)
* [Writing to the foot pedal](#writing-to-the-foot-pedal)
* The `set` subcommand
* The `append` subcommand
* [Clearing pedals](#clearing-pedals)
## Introduction
When running `footpedal-rs --help`, the following instructions are yielded. This wiki will elaborate on these commands.
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When trying to read or modify the foot pedal (subcommands: `append`, `clear`, `read`, and `set`), footswitch-rs must be executed as super user.
## Reading the foot pedal
## Reading from the foot pedal
To read the foot pedal without writing any settings, the subcommand `read` should be used. The help function `footswitch-rs read --help` yields te following information (omitted redundant information):
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In other words, to acquire the settings of all pedals, run: `footswitch-rs read --all`. To acquire only information of specific pedals (e.g., 1 and 2), run: `footswitch-rs read -p 1 2`.
## Writing data to the foot pedal
## Writing to the foot pedal
## Clearing pedals
In contrast to the original implementation on [rgerganov/footswitch](https://github.com/rgerganov/footswitch), this implementation does not clear foot pedals if they are not explicitly set during a write operation. To clear the configuration of a pedal, a separate function has to be explicitly invoked. The help function `footswitch-rs clear --help` yields te following information (omitted redundant information):